Women and Money

women+and+money+logoSeptember 6, 2016 – December 10, 2016

Katherine E. Nash Gallery, University of Minnesota



CURATOR:  Ellen Schillace

JUROR: Lyndel King, Director and Chief Curator, Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum

Liz Dodson, Consultant

Karen Wilcox, Project Coordinator

The Minnesota Women’s Caucus for Art is collaborating with the Katherine E. Nash Gallery at the University of Minnesota to organize The Women and Money Project, a group exhibition that will investigate the relationship between women and money through a contemporary lens. The exhibition and related public programs will posit questions and initiate visual and verbal dialogue regarding economics, of which money is a by-product, a construct, and a human creation.

Money has evolved from an “exchange of value” to a purpose of its own that has, in some instances, created its own scarcity. Women have experienced this scarcity and will have the opportunity to bring artistic voices to the discussion. Money is a topic that has historically been rarely discussed, even in intimate relationships, in spite of the national and international economic issues that are reported daily in the media.

The Women and Money Project will expand beyond the limits of the gallery space into the community, engaging audiences through an exhibition of over thirty local, national, and internationally-known artists. Workshops, films, a series of well known national and local speakers on related topics and an interdisciplinary panel that is global and local in nature will bring value and diversity to audience engagement. The artists that have been invited have demonstrated commitments to engagement through public, socio-aesthetic and/or conceptual approaches to their art.

The Women and Money Project will connect artists, community organizations, private entities, and audiences in exploring a local and global problem. It will promote the use of art for social change, examine women’s place in the precarious state of the world’s economic and financial situation, and scrutinize, investigate and discuss infrastructures that perpetuate gender and economic inequality.

This exhibition addresses an unmet need in the exhibition field and the timing is right for this project. Interest in art made by women has grown in recent years and exhibitions of art made by women have proliferated. Interestingly, the previously taboo topics of female identity and experience in relationship to the body and sexuality have been well represented in recent exhibitions of feminist art and art made by women. However, topics of female identity and experience in relationship to economic systems, financial hierarchies and personal finance stubbornly remain taboo subjects in social, political and artistic discourse.

The Katherine E. Nash Gallery at the University of Minnesota is best suited to present this exhibition. The Katherine E. Nash Gallery and the Department of Art share a long-term commitment to gender equality and artistic excellence. Women comprise 70% of the students enrolled in the Department of Art academic and studio programs; women comprise 50% of the permanent faculty in our department; the positions of Department Chair, Coordinator of the BFA Program and Director of the MFA program are all held by women.

The Katherine E. Nash Gallery has presented numerous exhibitions that feature women artists. Elizabeth Dodson was one of the organizers of Women Investigating Water Rights Through Art presented February 23 through March 25, 2010.

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